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How to Create a Safe Space & Show Your True Colors (#030)

Title: How to Create a Safe Space to Show Your True Colors

In this episode of Safe Space Made Simple, host Trace Hobson candidly talks with Caroline Veerman, a healthcare leader in Holland and periodic co-host of the podcast. They reflect on Caroline's journey toward becoming a transformational presence in healthcare leadership, emphasizing the importance of authenticity, vulnerability, and self-realization—under pressure.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Embracing Authenticity: Caroline shares her experience of transitioning from fear and hesitation to speaking her truth and owning her unique contribution to healthcare.

  • Creating Safe Spaces: The discussion highlights the significance of generating safe spaces in healthcare amidst disruptions and chaos, fostering trust and support within teams.

  • Journey to Self-Realization: Caroline's journey from unconscious management to conscious leadership, bringing awareness and consciousness into the workspace.

  • Overcoming Fear: Caroline's initial reluctance to share her true voice and perspective and the pivotal moment of stepping forward to initiate a pilot program focused on consciousness in the organization.

  • Healing and Growth: The evolution of Caroline's leadership style, focusing on self-realization, personal leadership, and embracing her true self over the years.

  • Surrender and Trust: Caroline's insights on surrendering to a bigger consciousness, letting go of the need for external control, and finding trust and certainty within oneself.

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