Hire a Safe Space Guide

Facilitate a Safe Space of Trust, Support and Belonging on Your Healthcare Team.


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Dreyvan Dayse

Being in Trace’s workshop was unlike anything that I have been through before. This work completely transformed my relationships with my daughter, wife, and my work with teams.

Executive Director, Inner Legend, Commander Indian Navy, retired, India

Dianne Elzinga

Meeting the people I work with where they are is very important to me. The practical, experience-based approach Trace offers helps me in doing just that.


Trainer and Coach at Agile Cockpit, Holland & India

Tiffany Voorberg

Trace has an ability to see the bigger picture and how psychological safety affects every aspect of our working lives...His knowledge and experience will continue to support healthcare delivery in our province.

Psychological Safety & Respectful Workplace Advisor, British Columbia, Canada