I was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada. I reside and run my training business: Trace Hobson Training, in Mission, British Columbia, Canada.

I love working with managers, leaders, and coaches that perform in high-pressure sectors that want to work more consciously and compassionately with their people and systems.

To assist me in my work, I created a mentoring and training program called: The Safe-Space Speed of Presence Systemic Training Program. 

The program is designed for coaches, managers, leaders and teams that want to transform work and life systemically. The program trains and mentors people in five tailored safe space meetings that they then apply in their context (team meetings, department leadership development, family systems, organizational strategic planning, etc.) as a foundation for systemic transformation.

I care deeply about this work. Many people are struggling with old, outdated home and work systems.

But what if that isn't a problem we need to solve? 

What if it's an evolutionary invitation to systemic wholeness? 

What would be possible if we could learn to nourish the consciousness and resilience of the human spirit?

What would our world be like then?

This is the conscious, co-creative, systemic safe space leadership invitation I have for you to experience.

Trace Hobson (PCC, CTPC, CLC, DAPM, ACPS) has worked as an executive leader, technical project manager, and business owner for over 25 years in Canada.

Trace trains coaches, managers, leaders, teams, and families on how to create safe-space systems that alleviates suffering and elevates human consciousness.