Who is Trace Hobson?

Trace Hobson (PCC, CTPC, CLC, DAPM) was born and raised in the Fraser Valley of beautiful British Columbia, Canada. He now resides and runs his coaching and consulting business in Mission, BC, a beautiful Vancouver suburb.

For the last 15 years, Trace has shared his experience by guiding and helping people change their lives, families, teams and organizations practically through the use of cutting-edge systemic psychological health and safety coaching and leadership development.

Trace has worked as an executive leader, technical project manager, and business owner in high-stress intensive health, safety and compliance environments such as mining, oil & gas, petrochemical, LNG, LPG utility construction, industrial environmental remediation, utility power and hydro organizations, as well as healthcare, education and non-profit organizations.

Trace coaches and mentors companies, institutions, businesses, families, teams, and individuals to create psychologically healthy and safe environments in difficult complex and rapidly changing climates.

Through Trace Hobson Training, he trains coaches, counsellors, managers, teaches, executives, families and therapists in the Transformational Presence Leadership and Coaching modality so that they're able to psychologically safe environments where people thrive.

Some of the areas that Trace Hobson Training specializes in:

  • Equipping managers and teams for high-stress front line work in healthcare, mental health, and addictions, so they're able to deal with vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, burnout and create a practical restorative practice for themselves and the clients they work with  
  • Coach training for psychological safety and safety-culture development in high-risk industrial environments like oil and gas, utility, LNG, LPG, and hydro
  • 25 years in business, non-profit, start-ups, operational excellence, business development, fundraising, sales, safety, compliance and team development
  • Conscious Compassionate Communication, Coordination and Project Management
  • Family relationships, systemic transformation, trauma, addiction and mental health as it relates to families and the workplace
  • Working practically with energy, spirituality and coaching for regular people, industries and roles like engineering, healthcare, executive leadership, management and entrepreneurship  
  • Not for profit leadership development, board development, social services leadership development and strategic planning

Trace is university educated and trained extensively in leadership, systemic transformation, management, coaching, team development, project management and spirituality. He works globally in Holland, India, Central America, the USA, Canada and Europe. 

When Trace isn't working, he can be found hiking, hanging out with his family, or mountain-biking through the rocky terrain of Whistler, British Columbia.

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"Thank you for helping me work with stress and pressure and discover my family and my team"


"Thank you for helping me become a better manager, coach, and business owner!"

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