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With 25 years in business and leadership, Trace Hobson is an International Coach Federation professionally credentialed coach. He specializes in healthcare executive, team and organizational coaching.

Trace's journey through personal and professional high-stress environments, overcoming distress and trauma, has shaped his career. Trace is on a mission to transform healthcare teams into safe, nurturing systems.

As the Founder of Trace Hobson Training & Coaching, Trace leverages his experience in high-pressure sectors to create safe spaces and enhance resilience and assertiveness in healthcare communication. His efforts foster psychologically safe relationships and resilient, team-focused cultures.

His roles at Island Health as a Psychological Health and Safety Advisor and earlier as a Regional Director of Operations at Badger Daylighting Inc. and Superior Propane have sharpened his team resilience and leadership development skills. Trace's educational journey is ongoing with an MA in Organizational and Executive Coaching at Royal Roads University, complemented by an Advanced Certificate in Psychological Health and Safety from the University of Fredericton and certifications in Trauma-Informed Coaching and Transformational Presence Leadership and Coaching from the Center for Transformational Presence.

Through his "Safe Space Made Simple Podcast," Trace offers practical strategies for supportive work environments, aiming to transform healthcare with improved communication and team dynamics.

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Hello! I'm Trace. Have you ever felt overwhelmed by life's challenges at home and work? 

For years, I hid my anxiety and distress, unaware it held the transformative power that my daughters, my executive team, leadership and life needed. For the full story, read my LinkedIn About section.








🌍 Fast forward: My experiences have led me to collaborate with leaders across diverse cultures, from Holland to Bangalore. Now, my focus is on Healthcare. 

🔵 My Purpose: I'm passionate about guiding healthcare leaders to cultivate environments of trust and support so their days at work are rewarding and life outside work is energized, vibrant and fulfilling.

💡 Specialties:

Psychological Safety,
Neurobiological Safety, and
Presence-Based Leadership

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I've journeyed through similar paths and discovered transformative strategies. If you're looking for guidance to create a nurturing and empowering safe space amidst high-pressure environments, I'm here to help. Let's connect.

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