My name is Trace Hobson. I was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada. I reside and run Trace Hobson Training in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Introduction: I'm a specialist in helping line managers working in high-pressure sectors (healthcare, education, tech, energy) become safe-space leaders that support themselves and their teams to create a psychologically healthy and safe space that relieves and resolves toxic stress, anxiety and systemic trauma.

I'm passionate about creating systemic change with leaders and managers that's practically applied and felt by them and their people. I have over 25 years of line management, executive leadership and lived experience in high-stress VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) projects, organizations, and sectors. 

We start with the most challenging problems you're navigating, like burnout, compassion fatigue, absenteeism, bullying, harassment, conflicts, mental illness, stress leave, disability management, productivity, communication breakdowns, and team overwhelm in change management projects.

Then we use trauma-informed systemic coaching, psychological health and safety principles, and practically applied mentorship in three phases:

Phase One: We learn to translate the issues and challenges you are facing to work with them in a completely different way than you have. 

The by-product is relief, more energy, resilience and inspired actions that you can take immediately to solve the problems that seem too big or too complicated for you to change. 

The concepts of leading and managing yourself become simple, specific, and decisive action steps that you take at work. Then engaging others, achieving results, developing your team, and transforming the system you work in becomes an effortless byproduct instead of an energy-draining impossibility.

By learning systemic psychological health and safety coaching skills, you learn to embody a safe space in your role and responsibilities from the inside out.

Then, through our work together, you construct your S.O.P. for a Safe Space. This becomes the energy source and foundation for phase two.

Phase Two: Once you've developed your fundamental skill and your S.O.P. for creating a Safe Space in the middle of your situation, we begin to translate how that applies to your team dynamics.

This leadership development feedback loop starts and ends with you. The changes, transformations, and systemic improvements are genuine and lasting. They last because you learn how to translate your S.O.P. for creating a Safe Space for your team. 

Creating your S.O.P. for a Safe Space serves you and your wholeness because you always feel safe no matter what's happening, and that's exactly what you learn to give to your team as well.

Once we have a clear assessment of the areas where your team are showing signs of systemic breakdown and need for development (burnout, compassion fatigue, absenteeism, bullying, harassment, conflicts, mental illness, stress leave, disability, productivity, communication breakdowns, overwhelm in change management projects, etc.) we use individual sessions for mentorship, coaching, leadership development, and assessment review in this phase. 

This becomes the proof of concept needed to create your S.O.P Safe Space Pilot program.

The Pilot Program includes a business case your boss will understand, support, and champion with his boss and a project launch calendar to create your first S.O.P. Safe Space Leadership meetings with your team.

This creates the launch pad we need for phase three.

Phase Three: In this phase, we launch the pilot and use it as a multidimensional training exercise that deals with real issues in real-time for you, your team, and your organization. 

You develop your ability to embody psychological health and safety with your team in ways that make a difference for them and you. You and your team find ways to get more done in less time without sacrificing your mental health or life to get there.

Change happens, and the pilot is reviewed to analyze what we learned and what KPIs were impacted. Now you are ready to run with it.

Last year, I worked with a Dutch healthcare manager and her team to help them go from being burned out and ready to leave healthcare to being overjoyed with their work and each other. They felt like they did when they first decided to be in healthcare.

Why is this so important to me? 

I have lived personally and professionally with the energetic feeling of physical, emotional, and psychological danger and threat for years. I was attracted to roles, projects, and organizations where the constant fight, flight, freeze response in my body seemed to serve me. Still, the toll on my body, relationships, and workplace became incredibly costly, even though I was unconscious of this stress response being the source.

I wasted many years of time and energy because I thought that I would have relief if I solved the problems around me personally and professionally. 

Any solution I thought would make a real and lasting difference that I tried did not last and only seemed to make the toxic stress and anxiety I felt worse.

I was finally diagnosed with PTSD and an anxiety disorder. Rather than hide that, I decided to create a practical solution that I could use to transform my life and work systems. 

I use my 25 years of experience in executive leadership, technical project management, psychological health and safety, leadership development and training, coaching, and systemic transformation to help line managers and their teams transform their workplaces.

My goal is to focus on sectors that care for and teach others, namely, education and healthcare. 

I cannot do this alone. We will only be able to transform workplace systems in education and healthcare if we work together.

What I can't do alone, we can do together.

I hope you will join me in my intention.