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I help clinical leaders transform systemic distress into well-being and retention.

Do you want staff to be excited to come to work, feel psychologically and neurobiologically safe on their team, and go home energized and fulfilled? 

Teach them to create safe-space relationships with each other.


Scale your efforts, create succession, and help people lead without you.





1. One-on-One Leadership Coaching & Mentoring 
2. Safe Space Team Building Workshops
3. Systemic Team Coaching


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10 Signs of Systemic Distress for Clinical Leaders & Teams and How to Address Them

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Is Your Healthcare Team Experiencing Distress?

Here are 6 symptoms‚ÄĒDo they resonate?

‚ö†ÔłŹ Disconnection: No matter whether you're a bedside nurse or a clinical leader, there can be a feeling of¬†isolation and lack of support.

‚ö†ÔłŹ Disengagement: 49% of clinical staff say they're leaving. Many are in survival mode, trying to get through one shift at a time.

‚ö†ÔłŹ¬†Dysfunction:¬†The communication, coordination, and collaboration seems hard or sometimes heavy.

‚ö†ÔłŹ Dysregulation: 56% of staff report feeling burned out and tired of struggling with systemic distress.¬†

‚ö†ÔłŹ¬†Disrespect:¬†Silence, condescending tones of voice, gossip, conflict, whispering in the halls, and even bullying show up at work.¬†

‚ö†ÔłŹ¬†Drained¬†Teams: Teams feel draining for everyone, and vacancies are increasing, according to Stats Can, by +219.8 % in the last five years.

The cost of ignoring these symptoms is immense. System breakdown is inevitable for people who work within healthcare, their families, and patients, but it doesn't have to be this way. These signals tell us it's time to change.

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Hi, I'm Trace Hobson

Imagine a world where healthcare professionals get out of bed excited to come to work, feel safe with their team when they get there, and go home feeling fulfilled and energized by their work so they have the energy they need to live their best lives. 

It might be hard to believe that this is possible in today's rapidly changing healthcare systems, but it is. I know this because I've experienced that transformation in my life and work, as well as with clinical leaders who thought it was impossible to create a safe space in their workplace.

I also know from personal experience the systemic suffering that happens when these things are ignored‚ÄĒmy advice is to not¬†do that.

The time for change is now.


I work with leaders and teams in three ways:


1:1 Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

Are you tired of working in a healthcare team that's disconnected, dysfunctional, disrespectful, disengaged, distressed, and draining?

A shift in your team's culture starts with a shift in how you show up and lead yourself and others.

This starts with learning how to generate a safe space for yourself so that you can do the same thing for your team.

Start with a one-on-one session to explore how this kind of systemic team coaching and leadership development can serve you.

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Team Trust Building Workshops

Trust is the foundation of any team that likes working together, but how do you create that if it's been lost because of issues or operational demands? 
You start with a Team and trust-building workshop where the stakes are not high, there is a safe space, and people can connect and be with each other in genuine ways. 
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Systemic Team Coaching

Every clinical leader and team in healthcare needs a safe space support system to navigate our disrupted healthcare system and provide support and relief from systemic distress for themselves and their colleagues.

But anyone who works in healthcare will tell you that this is easier said than done because there is no plan for operationalizing things like psychological safety, well-being or self-care.

Safe Space Systemic Team Coaching and Leadership development provide the practical application you need to transform your healthcare culture.

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Reduce Burnout

Increase Retention

Increase Respect

Increase Presence

Caroline Veerman

"This process transformed my life and leadership and impacted the lives of the people I work with."
 Healthcare Executive, Holland

Rosemary Nygard

"I’d highly recommend Trace to anyone wanting to transform their team and foster safety and connection."
Healthcare Leader Canada

Grace Choi

"Trace deeply understands the importance of psychological safety in the workplace and how to cultivate it."
Clinical Nurse Educator, Canada

Jennifer Laferrière

"Trace is a strong advocate of the principles of Psychological Safety and Respect in the Workplace."
Healthcare Leader, Canada

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