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Coaching clinical leaders to create teams people love to be on—that they
love to lead.




I do this with:

1. One-on-One Safe Space Systems Coaching 
2. Safe Space Systemic Team-Building Workshops
3. Safe Space Systemic Team Coaching


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Healthcare Teams Struggle for One of Six Reasons

You can avoid these pitfalls

⚠️ Depleted Teams: 49% of clinical staff say they will leave in the next five years, and leaders have no solutions.

⚠️ Disrespectful Teams: According to the Stats Can 2022 Labour Force Survey, job vacancies have increased by +219.8 % in the last five years.

⚠️ Disconnected Teams: Coordination, communication, and collaboration are poor, and self-leadership and initiative are low.

⚠️ Distressed Teams: 56% are burned out—poor work environment, relationships and silence are the highest risk factors for moral distress. 

⚠️ Dysfunctional Teams: 83% of nurses worry about their quality of care and if they're doing the right things.

⚠️ Drained Teams: Poor back-to-work processes, absenteeism, lost time injuries are chronic.


These six issues are the root causes of most team turmoil and turnover.
Safe Space Systemic Team Coaching helps you support your leaders and teams simultaneously.
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Hi, I'm Trace Hobson

If you’re a healthcare executive, clinical leader or manager
who works with distressed teams that are struggling or
someone who simply wants to learn how to weather the
storms of busy, short-staffed healthcare teams, I can help.

As a former executive leader who specialized in high-stress,
high-pressure, high-risk teams and cultures, I learned how to
create a safe space in the middle of urgent chaotic situations and
then I learned how to pass that on to others for their professional and personal well-being.
In the past few years, I’ve been able to…

    • Train and coach teams and executives in Holland, India, Europe, the US and Canada.
    • Create and test the Safe Space Systemic Team Coaching & Leadership approach.
    • Validate its efficacy with healthcare teams under pressure and in distress.
    • Stay present for my marriage, 3 adult daughters and grandchildren.
    • Host the Safe Space Made Simple Podcast for healthcare teams. 


I haven’t achieved these highlights due to any special ability. 

I followed a system that nourished my human spirit,
along with my team's and my family's. 

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My clients can engage me to help them grow their
team and leadership in three different ways:


1: Build a High-Performance Healthcare Team Everyone Loves Course

Are you tired of working in a healthcare team that's depleted, dysfunctional, and disrespectful?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the pressure and stress you and your colleagues face daily?

If so,"The High-Performance Healthcare Team Everyone Loves" digital course, will show you how to transform your team into a supportive, safe, and attractive environment where people want to work.


More Information


1: Safe-Space Survey

How do you move beyond impersonal assessments to discover your team's genuine perspective and culture so you have what you need to lead? 
You invite a Safe Space guide to facilitate a confidential and conversational survey of your leaders that moves you beyond an impersonal assessment to the simple, powerful action steps that will transform your culture. 
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2: Have a High-Performance Healthcare Leadership Coaching Session

Are you looking to improve your healthcare leadership skills? If so, I invite you to book a high-performance coaching session with me. In this session, you will experience Safe Space Systemic Team coaching and training combined with your Superpower healthcare leadership quiz. 
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2: Safe Space Team Pilot Design Session

Your guide reviews the emerging results and themes from your Safe Space Survey and discusses your next steps to create a Safe Space Support System for you and your team.
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3: Do a High-Performance Team Building Workshop

Are you seeking a way to build a productive, collaborative, high-performance healthcare team?

The Safe Space Systemic Team Coaching process offers workshops to help teams build a safe and respectful environment that promotes self-awareness, self-regulation, and healthy interactions.

More Information


3: S.O.A.R. with a Safe Space Charter

Regardless of what kind of a Safe Space Pilot you and your team need, it will always start with facilitating a Safe Space Team Charter and then into the natural next steps that your team commits to leading themselves—with your support and guidance. 
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Reduce Burnout

Increase Retention

Increase Respect

Increase Presence

The Safe Space Approach was 
developed in some of the World’s Most 
and Reactive Cultures with Several Hundred Leaders, Managers and Coaches.

Caroline Veerman

"This process transformed my life and leadership and impacted the lives of the people I work with."
 Healthcare Executive, Holland

Rosemay Nygard

"I’d highly recommend Trace to anyone wanting to transform their team and foster safety and connection."
Healthcare Leader Canada

Jennifer Laferrière

"Trace is a strong advocate of the principles of Psychological Safety and Respect in the Workplace."
Healthcare Leader, Canada

Grace Choi

"Trace deeply understands the importance of psychological safety in the workplace and how to cultivate it." Clinical Nurse Educator, Canada

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