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Creating psychological and neurobiological safety with your team is an art form and a cultural game-changer.

How can I help you transform your team culture and leadership?


I coach you and your team to increase trust, compassion, connection, relational equity, and engagement on your team. Why? Because when those things happen recruitment, retention, and engagement go up and absenteeism and sick leave disappear.


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I facilitate a safe space for you and your team to experience this way of working because talk is cheap.

Facilitating safe spaces is an art form that anyone can learn, but it can't be done without experiencing it. 


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Embodied Mentorship, Coaching & Training

The best and fastest way to learn how to embed this into the culture of your team is for me to come and spend time with you on your unit. 


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Trace is an inspiring and competent transformational presence leader and coach who can connect inner and outer worlds so that expansion can happen individually, in teams and in organizations.

Trace supported me in working with my healthcare teams during an organizational change program. They were having difficulty adapting. We created a leadership development and resilience program for front-line clinicians and practitioners. The program helped our team create a foundational safe space that helped us find resilience, energy, and connection. The program helped me become a powerful change agent.

Through working with Trace, I discovered new and exciting aspects of myself with regard to my work in the world. The mentoring and training I received from Trace helped me unfold the potential hidden inside me. This process transformed my life and impacted the lives of the people I work with. 

Together, we are making the world a better place!

Caroline Veerman, Healthcare Executive, Holland

I first met Trace when he arrived in Mumbai, India, to start his coach certification training with me in 2014.

I have trained over 5,000 coaches over the last 25 years, and one of the most memorable coaching sessions that I have ever heard was the one that Trace did with his 23-year-old daughter, who was trying to deal with an unhealthy relationship that was not serving her and that she found difficult to leave. 

The way that Trace was able to create a safe space for his daughter as her Professional Coach (and NOT her Dad) is something that I will never forget. As the Professional Coach, Trace, within 45 minutes, without any parental advice, judgment, or authority, supported this special “Coaching Client” to work through what she wanted, what she was ready to do, and who she needed to be to move forward.

An absolutely stunning example of holding a coaching mindset and coaching presence with compassion allowed this coaching client to make her own conscious decisions and plan of action!

Peter Reding, MCC, CO-Founder of Coach for Life

Trace has an excellent ability to create a safe environment that enables people to be vulnerable and authentic. I attended a workshop with 15+ leaders, and despite the large group, he was exceptional at reading the room, allowing for an open and safe space for everyone to contribute.

Trace demonstrated a deep understanding of the importance of psychological safety in the workplace and how to cultivate it. His expertise in creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere made it easy for people to share their experiences and challenges.

I was particularly impressed with Trace’s ability to inspire others and encourage them to be their best selves.

He has a unique skill set that allows teams to build trust, communicate more effectively, and work collaboratively.

His passion for this work is evident in his ability to make an impact, and I would highly recommend Trace to anyone looking for a coach, mentor, and leadership advisor that focuses on team building and psychological safety.

Grace Choi, MN, BSN, RN Health Informatics

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