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Decolonize Your Coaching: A Conversation with Professor David Clutterbuck (#28)

Title: Decolonize Your Coaching: A Conversation with Professor David Clutterbuck (#28)

In this episode of Safe Space Made Simple, host Trace Hobson engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Professor David Clutterbuck, an expert in team coaching, leadership development, mentorship, and coach supervision. They delve into the importance of decolonizing coaching, systemic organizational approaches, and the need for leaders to adapt to complexity in today's disrupted healthcare systems.

Key Points Discussed:

  1. Complexity in Coaching: Professor Clutterbuck emphasizes the need for coaches to move beyond surface-level issues and address the complexity of underlying systemic challenges within teams.

  2. Systemic Thinking: The conversation explores the importance of developing a systemic perspective in coaching, focusing on the interplay between various forces and understanding the whole system for effective change.

  3. Neurodiversity and Sensitivity: Professor Clutterbuck highlights the value of heightened sensitivity in neurodivergent individuals, such as those on the autistic spectrum or highly sensitive persons, in perceiving patterns and emotional undercurrents within teams.

  4. Goal Setting in Coaching: The discussion challenges traditional coaching models like the grow model, emphasizing the emergent nature of goals and the importance of starting with context rather than predefined objectives.

  5. Decolonizing Coaching: Professor Clutterbuck advocates for a shift away from prescriptive coaching competencies rooted in cultural biases, towards a more culturally appropriate and context-driven approach to coaching.

  6. Reciprocal Mentoring: The episode introduces the concept of reciprocal mentoring, where individuals from diverse backgrounds engage in co-learning pairs to address systemic barriers to diversity and inclusion.

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