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Systemic Team Coaching with John Leary Joyce: Psychological Health and Safety on Teams (#017)

Title: Systemic Team Coaching with John Leary Joyce: Psychological Health and Safety on Teams (#017)

Show Notes:

Welcome back to "Safe Space Made Simple," the go-to podcast for clinical leaders and healthcare managers dedicated to fostering trust and support in healthcare environments. In this compelling episode, our host, Trace Hobson, is thrilled to welcome John Leary Joyce, a luminary in systemic coaching and the founder of the Academy for Executive Coaching. Dive into an engaging discussion on the nuances of systemic team coaching, its profound impact on psychological health and safety, and the transformative power of gestalt coaching in healthcare settings.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Frontline Realities: John Leary Joyce opens the conversation with a stark reminder of the risks frontline workers face, emphasizing the indispensable need for robust support and strategic planning in high-stress environments like the front lines in Ukraine.

  • The Essence of Systemic Coaching: Discover the multifaceted world of systemic team coaching. John shares his journey from individual coaching to pioneering systemic team coaching and gestalt coaching, highlighting the importance of 'walking the talk' within his organization, the Academy for Executive Coaching.

  • Gestalt Coaching and Team Dynamics: Delve into John's unique approach to coaching, where he integrates Gestalt principles to enrich team dynamics, emphasizing the significance of being present and engaging in relationships to foster a cohesive team environment.

  • Challenges in Leadership and Stress Management: John and Trace explore the challenges leaders face under pressure, discussing the importance of transparency, delegation, and strategic breaks to ensure sustainable leadership and team well-being.

  • Systemic Team Coaching Framework: Gain insights into the five-discipline model of systemic team coaching, which advocates for a balanced focus on tasks and relationships, enabling teams to navigate complex healthcare environments effectively.

  • Addressing Organizational Culture and Trauma: The conversation shifts to the systemic issues within healthcare systems, such as trauma-organized cultures, and the necessity for systemic team coaching to address and transform these deeply ingrained patterns.

  • Creating Safe Spaces through Systemic Coaching: Learn about the critical role of psychological and neurobiological safety in team environments and how systemic coaching can unlock trapped energies and foster a culture of safety and support.

  • The Future of Systemic Team Coaching: John provides a sneak peek into the second edition of his systemic team coaching book, which incorporates new insights on virtual teamwork and stakeholder engagement, promising to be an invaluable resource for healthcare leaders.

Connect with John Leary Joyce: For those interested in learning more about John's work or systemic team coaching, visit the Academy of Executive Coaching website at Contact John via LinkedIn or explore his gestalt-focused work at

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