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How to Navigate Toxic Team Members (#031)

Title: How to Navigate Toxicity in the Workplace (#031)

In this episode of Safe Space Made Simple, host Trace Hobson delves into navigating toxicity in the workplace, specifically focusing on high-pressure sectors like healthcare. Trace shares experiences and insights on creating a psychologically healthy and safe team space, even in challenging environments.

Key Points Discussed:

  •  Misconceptions About Safe Spaces: Addressing the misconception that safe spaces mean tolerating undesirable behaviour when in reality, it requires courage, curiosity, and clear communication to create a psychologically safe environment.
  •  The Three Laws of Performance: Exploring the Three Laws of Performance by Steve Zafron and Dave Logan emphasizes the direct correlation between performance, how situations occur for individuals, the language used, and the power of generative language to create a new future.
  •  Steps to Manage Toxicity: Provide three actionable steps for managers and leaders to handle toxic team members effectively, including setting clear boundaries, enrolling team members in the vision, and being prepared to let go if necessary.
  •  Importance of Self-Differentiation: Highlighting the significance of self-differentiation in leadership, where leaders take radical responsibility for their internal responses and set boundaries based on personal needs and values.
  •  Creating a Safe Space: Emphasizing the role of clear communication, setting boundaries, and fostering open dialogue to establish psychologically safe environments where team members feel empowered to speak up and contribute positively.

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