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I will provide a FREE live virtual COACHING/LEARNING SPACE that helps busy, short-staffed, experienced and new leaders create psychologically safe teams they love.

This lunch-and-learn format will address relevant coaching topics and give actionable tools, exercises and advice for navigating the following:

  • How to Create a Safe Space for Depleted Teams.
  • How to Connect Disconnected Teams so they have better communication, collaboration, coordination, and shared leadership.
  • How to Transform Dysfunctional Teams that are hyper-focused on tasks, policies and procedures but perform below potential.
  • How to Shift Disrespectful Teams so you don't waste time and energy on draining conflicts, investigations, drama, gossip, bullying or harassment.
  • Creating Co-Regulation to Deal with Systemic Distress, unaddressed cumulative stress, distress and trauma.
  • Change systemic stress and busyness so that there is a support system for work and life.
  • Creating team cultures that are fully staffed and absenteeism, turnover, retention and recruitment nightmares are over.

As of today (March 27th, 2024), I am targeting June to start these as a bi-weekly free service that supports healthcare managers, executives and clinical leaders to create a safe space on their teams.

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So many experienced and new leaders mistake imposter syndrome for weakness or an indicator that they're not doing something right. 

The truth is that there is a huge reservoir of potential that's hiding underneath anxiety, anger, fear and imposter syndrome—if you know how to interpret it and harness it in ways that serve you.

This free quiz is the start of that. Take it to find out the areas that are ready for transformation, and if you would like a coaching session along with the assessment to accelerate your learning, that is also available. 

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Thousands of people work in healthcare roles, doing incredible work to help human beings. These stories need to be amplified. 

I created this podcast to share those safe space stories of people doing courageous work in the world of healthcare to transform the system. People like Renee Thompson from the Healthy Workforce Institute have decided to eradicate bullying in healthcare, John Leary Joyce, a systemic team coach from the United Kingdom, and many more. 

Listen to the podcast to learn, be inspired and be equipped to create a safe space on your healthcare team.

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Are you tired of working in a healthcare team that's depleted, dysfunctional, and disrespectful?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the pressure and stress that you and your colleagues face every day?

If so,"The High-Performance Healthcare Team Everyone Loves" digital course, will show you how to transform your team into a supportive, safe, and attractive environment where people want to work.

Let's face it - healthcare teams are under immense pressure, and high-risk areas like critical care, long-term care, and family birthing are experiencing unprecedented stress and staff shortages.

By creating a safe space where everyone feels valued, respected, and supported, you can attract experienced professionals and new graduates alike, making your team a desirable place to work.

I understand that the global shortage of skilled professionals in healthcare is a reality that we all have to face. However, I believe that by creating a team culture where people love to work, you can make a positive change.

So, if you're ready to transform your healthcare team into a high-performance team that everyone loves, click the button below to be notified of the first lunch and learn more.

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Are you looking to take your healthcare leadership skills to the next level? If so, I invite you to book a high-performance coaching session with me. As part of this session, you will experience Safe Space Systemic Team coaching and training, combined with your Superpower healthcare leadership quiz. 

During the session, we will work together to assess where you and your team currently stand. Then we will gain clarity on what needs to happen to move the needle and create simple, achievable goals that will bring you closer to creating a safe space and a team that people love to be on. 

So, if you are ready to take the next step in your healthcare leadership journey, book a coaching session with me today.

Let's work together to help you become the best leader you can be!You can experience a debrief and a coaching session where we assess where you and your team are, get clarity on what needs to happen to move the needle and create simple, achievable goals for you and your team that will move you closer to creating a safe space and a team that people love to be on.


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Are you looking for a way to build a productive, collaborative, high-performance healthcare team?

The Safe Space Systemic Team Coaching process offers workshops to help teams build a safe and respectful environment that promotes self-awareness, self-regulation, and healthy interactions.

Participating in these workshops will teach attendees practical tools and strategies for creating a safe space team charter, implementing healthy huddles meetings, and aligning their individual and team primary purposes and values.

These workshops provide a comprehensive toolkit for building a high-performance healthcare team.

Invest in your team's success by taking advantage of these workshops and the Safe Space Systemic Team Coaching process.

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