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TSS #006: Ditch the To-Do List: Lead with Heart

Aug 12, 2023

It's Time to Slow Down and Reconnect: The Human Heart of Healthcare Leadership

I'm sure you've felt the rush—the urgency to keep up with the relentless healthcare demands. We're surrounded by urgency, operational problems, and the latest and greatest technology (Spoiler Alert: Artificial Intelligence breakthroughs are next!), but at what cost?

Are we leading with a dysregulated nervous system or with the true core of fulfillment?

I've spent years observing the healthcare system and how easy it is to get trapped in a never-ending cycle of tasks, losing sight of what truly matters.

But here's a truth we often forget: To truly lead, to ignite transformation, we need to slow down to the speed of our presence.

In This Issue: Unlocking Presence-Based Leadership

This isn't about checking off boxes on your to-do list. This is about connecting with yourself and your team to reach the fulfillment of your and their highest potential.

Why do healthcare leaders keep doing the same thing expecting different results?

  • They conform to external definitions of success
  • Chase a mirage of satisfaction with surface task completion
  • Unwavering commitment to getting shit done vs presence
  • Fear of embracing a new way

But what if we chose to redefine what leadership means?

Embracing Your Inner Wisdom: Steps to Transformation

Step One: Tap into the wisdom of your body. Feel the quality of your breath. Choose to be present. Breathe deep into your gut and exhale slowly. That's step one—feel free to do this more than once.

Step Two: Don't just rely on your head. Consult your gut, your heart. What are they trying to tell you? Listen to what your body has to say.

Step Three: Practice escape velocity thinking. It might feel hard at first, but once you reach that space of presence and psychological safety, you'll find harmony in chaos.

This makes us human—our ability to be present, relatable, and connect with ourselves and others. It's about alignment and profound growth.

Lead with Your Own Unique Brilliance

I'm passionate about helping healthcare leaders find joy, fulfillment, and impact. A fulfilling life isn’t about maximizing efficiency at all costs; it's about guiding a transformation that resonates with the very core of our human existence.

Can't we shift our focus from 'doing more' to ‘being who we are'?

Instead of losing ourselves in the demands of our profession, can we lead with our whole selves and make a real difference?

I believe we can. And that's what I'm here to share with you.

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