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How do set up a safe space system?

One possibility is to learn the five fundamental safe space pillars that a coach, manager and leader can use to create conscious, compassionate spaces...

Over the last 25 years, I have developed five fundamental meetings that every coach, manager, leader, and team working in high-stress sectors must have to operate more consciously and compassionately.

These five safe space meetings become the foundation for the systemic transformations that your life and work are asking for. These meetings teach and train you to listen, interpret, and translate any suffering that is going on in you, your team or the systems that you work in.

To serve coaches, managers and leaders, I run a free safe space system set-up series that helps people understand the five fundamental meetings and the steps to set them up when there is a shortage of time, space and resources.

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How do you work consciously when there's no time? 

One possibility is to learn how to create a Safe Space Soul Circle...

There is no shortage of meetings, communications and projects that cause stress and anxiety in organizations today. Especially if you're working in a high-stress sector like education, healthcare or social work.

What there is a shortage of are spaces where you can experience relief, restoration and revitalization. These are spaces that feed and nourish the human spirit and soul.

Download this free resource if you would like to create a safe space system with your team. There are instructions and a leader's guide for you to try this on for size to see if it fits you and your team.


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How can you be present in chaos?


You could slow down to the speed of your presence...

Today there is an unprecedented pressure that people are feeling, and in the middle of it all, when we need to be our best, many people are struggling with anxiety, unresolved trauma, and toxic stress.

So how do we help ourselves and others around us to find relief, ease, and practical answers?

We point ourselves and people around us home to the power and safety of our presnce.


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