Get more done in less time in your meetings 

Do you want to facilitate meetings that get more done in less time and that people love to attend?

In busy workplaces, we get things done by meeting, planning, communicating, and working together to get things done.

If you are like me and the people I work with, you might find that meetings sometimes end up feeling stressful, challenging, and like they're a waste of time.

It doesn't matter if you are attending or leading meetings. It can be difficult in either of those seats.

If you're interested in having meetings that are light, easy, and that get a lot of work done, then click on this video.

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Create psychological safety when you don't feel safe


How do you feel psychologically safe in the middle of times when you know you aren't?

Stress is normal and beneficial for human beings—until it becomes toxic.

Today there is an unprecedented pressure that people are feeling, and in the middle of it all, when we need to be our best, many people are struggling with anxiety, unresolved trauma, and toxic stress.

So how do we help ourselves and others around us to find relief, ease, and practical answers?

That's what this video is all about.


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Create a business case that gets your bosses support

Would you like to build a business case for psychological health and safety that your boss will support?

Do you ever feel like you want to talk to your boss about making changes at work, but you don't because you don't want to bother them, you think that they're under their own pressure and stress, or you can't quite find the words to express what you want to say?

What if you could speak a language that they not only understood but that they became excited and inspired to support?

That's what this resource is all about.


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Create wholeness in your family once and for all


How do you create closeness and healing for all the generations of your family?

There is a misconception that there needs to be a dramatic or drastic event to suffer from unresolved trauma.

The truth is that generational mistakes and misunderstandings are carried forward in the relationships we have with our children and our parents.

If you would like a simple powerful way to heal the past without any conflict, crisis, or drama then watch this video.  

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